Title: AIDS Community Action Program (ACAP) Grants and Contribution Allocation Project 2005

Client: Health Agency of Canada, Regional Offices

Date of Completion: March 2006

San Patten and Associates were contracted by the Public Health Agency of Canada, Regional Offices (PHAC ROs) to prepare a discussion paper that provides options and recommendations for an allocation formula for the AIDS Community Action Program (ACAP), which is one component of the Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada. ACAP is a federal funding program that supports local, regional, and provincial/territorial community-based organizations addressing HIV/AIDS issues across Canada. This paper, co-authored by San Patten and Roxanne Felix, was used by the Regional Directors of PHAC ROs to determine the distribution of ACAP grants and contributions resources across the seven regions: Atlantic provinces, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba/Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and the Northern Secretariat (Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon), beginning in April, 2006.

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