San Patten has been working with our organization as the evaluation coordinator/consultant on several key national initiatives since February 2005. These initiatives include capacity building, research, policy and networking components. San has expertise in all of these areas and has been instrumental in working with us to ensure that progress in all areas is monitored in an integrated and effective way. San’s expertise, together with her strong commitment to community development and rights-based approaches, as well as her comfort level with diverse populations, have been instrumental in the continued effectiveness of our work together over the years. Her capacity to integrate and collaborate so effectively with all of our stakeholders, including academic researchers and educators, health and social care professionals, people living with HIV and other disabilities, students and community groups, is a wonderful asset to all our projects and the people with whom we work. Her contribution to our work goes far beyond what is expected and our work is / has clearly been more effective because of her participation. Through hiring San, you will be gaining a dedicated and knowledgeable employee and colleague, who brings not only expertise and experience, but also curiosity, creativity and a wonderful capacity to work with a wide range of people on very important and often complex issues.

Elisse Zack, M.Mgt., M.Ed
Executive Director, Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation


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