San is a reliable, highly organized, and mature individual who possesses a warm personality and a good sense of humour. San is a remarkable communicator, both in terms of the quality of her written output (see research and evaluation reports and journal publications) and her relaxed and personal but highly analytic and focused verbal interactions. She has a facility for working with a variety of stakeholders – from community, NGO, civil society and academic settings – and is as poised when interacting with community members from marginalized groups (e.g., sex trade workers, injection drug users) as she is when dealing with international policy and research leaders (e.g., as Co-Chair for Track C of the International AIDS Conference). The quantity, quality and depth of San’s national and international social policy analysis, development and evaluation work speaks for itself. As is clear from the types of projects she has chosen to become involved with, San’s work emanates from a strong commitment to a human rights perspective on social issues. She has worked on a range of social and community development issues, and while the majority have had a nominal focus on HIV, it is impossible to work in the area of HIV nationally or internationally without attention to the social and structural determinants of health, human rights, stigma and discrimination, and community development within and with vulnerable and/or marginalized populations.

Catherine A. Worthington, MSc, PhD, RSW
Associate Professor & CIHR New Investigator/AHFMR Population Health Investigator - Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary

I have had the opportunity to work with San Patten in her consulting capacity on multiple projects. San is very professional and works from a human rights and community-based model. She has the ability to synthesize complex information. I have found San to be very responsive. She engages openly with all stakeholders and ensures that all voices are heard. San is a skilled communicator and has exceptional writing skills. San is a pleasure to work with. 

Monique Doolittle-Romas
Chief Executive Officer                                                                          
Canadian AIDS Society